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Engineering Development Board To Strengthen the Engineering sector and integrate it with the world market to make it the driving force for economic growth Explore More Explore More Automotive and Electric Vehicles Made in Pakistan Explore More Mobiles and Electronics Made in Pakistan Explore More Home Appliances Made in Pakistan Explore More Capital Goods Made in Pakistan Explore More Power and Electrical Made in Pakistan Explore More Pumps and Motors Made in Pakistan Explore More Sanitary ware & Ceramics Made in Pakistan Explore More Cutlery and Utensils Made in Pakistan

-EFS-Consultative Session with Stake-Holder                                                               ||                                REVISION UPDATION OF THE LIST OF LOCALLY MANUFACTURED GOODS [CUSTOMS GENERAL ORDER (CGO) NO. 04/2022 DATED 16.11.2022] Based on the receipt of several representations from the local manufacturers/stake-holders, EDB has revised/updated the “List of Locally Manufactured Goods” notified by FBR as CGO-04/2022 on 16.11.2022 for comments from the user or concerned industry. The changes are highlighted in yellow color with comments in the column of “Remarks”. All the stake-holders are advised to go through the list and furnish your comments latest by 31st December, 2023. The list will be accordingly forwarded to FBR for notification.

Leadership Team


Dr. Gohar Ejaz HI, SI

Federal Minister for Industries & Production

Phone: + (92-51)-9212164, + (92-51)-9203711
Fax: + (92-51) 9205334

Rashid Mahmood---
Federal Secretary Ministry of Industries & Production

Phone: + (92-51)-9211709, + (92-51)-9210192
Fax: + (92-51) 9207748


Mr. Arif Saeed

Chairman, EDB Board of Management

Phone: +(92-51)-9202674
Fax: +(92-51)-9206161

Ways to prevent the disease

  • Wash Your Hands For 20 sec
  • Cover Nose & Mouth When Sneezing
  • Use Sanitizer
  • Avoid Crowded Places (Social Distancing)
  • Avoid Contact With Sick People

EDB efforts during COVID-19

  • Relief package for Industrial sectors.
  • Relief given by State Bank for export oriented sector.
  • Oxygen supply to the hospitals.
  • Relief on PPE’s and Medical Instruments.

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Budget & Competitiveness 2024-25   NEW
CGO                                        NEW
Input Output Ratio
  Provision of Costing Structure by OEMs

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