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  • Rapid spread of Corona virus disease, increased demand of Medical/Health Devices and PPEs, globally and their production and trade was also affected due to lockdown/ shutdown of industrial activities. Facing similar situation in Pakistan also, GoP allowed import and supply of PPEs and Medical/Health Devices without duties and taxes. EDB, considering opportunity, and following “Make-In-PAKISTAN” vision of the PM coordinated/facilitated several companies for developing Ventilator, Protective kits, PPEs, etc.
  • In April, 2020 a meeting was also conducted with Minister (I&P) for relief for manufacturing
    of PPEs and exemption from all types of duties and taxes on import of all types of input materials & Machinery, equipment & other items for setting up a Green Field project for production of PPEs along with exemption from ST and IT on supply of these items.
  • A Policy framework was consulted with the concerned stakeholders on 11.05.2020 which meeting was also attended by officials from PEC, PAAPAM & related industry.


With the coordination of EDB:

  • Local manufacturing of PPEs was started in the country.
  • Regular supply / demand position of oxygen gas is reported to the Ministry of Industries & Production/ NCOC;
  • Database of local manufacturers, their capacities and locations is being prepared;
  • Local manufacturers are ensuring availability of oxygen.
  • Duties and taxes were withdrawn on import of oxygen gas, oxygen cylinders, cryogenic tanks, PPEs, etc vide SRO 593(I)/2020 dated July 1, 2020 and SRO 649(l)/2020 dated August 3, 2020;
  • Local industry was facilitated for export of PPEs and other regular products.
  •  Revival of closed down oxygen plants is initiated;
  •  Uninterrupted supply of power to oxygen manufacturers is approved by ECC and ensured with concerned Ministry power load enhancement;
  • Installation and Commissioning of new oxygen plant is facilitated to increase the production of oxygen;
  • 24 hour road access to cryogenic vehicles in cities to ensure availability of oxygen in hospitals is being ensured;
  • Export of PPEs where surplus capacity is facilitated.
  •  Supported reduction in energy prices by reducing the per unit cost to Rs. 8/unit. (sheet attached).



Relief Package for Industrial Sector: