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Engineering Development Board was established in 1995. The primary mandate assigned to the board is policy formulation and implementation for facilitating and encouraging development & growth of the Engineering Industry of the country. Later it was decided that EDB shall function as an apex policy and decision making autonomous body for all aspects concerning the Engineering Industry as per its terms of reference. EDB implemented indigenisation programs, carried out the tariff rationalisations, and other sectoral/business development activities for different engineering sectors.

Engineering Development Board was established on 15th May 1995 with the following terms of reference .

  • Develop a long-term vision for the development of the engineering sector.
  • Formulate and coordinate all government policies relating to the engineering sector.
  • Develop an overall strategic engineering development plan.
  • Promotion of export.
  • Enhancement of technical training.
  • Formulate policies and guidelines for utilisation of technology development and engineering funds.
  • Appeal for grievances.
  • Management of deletion / indigenisation policy.


To make the Engineering Industry in Pakistan the largest export sector of the country by 2030.


Strengthen the Engineering sector and integrate it with the world market in order to make it the driving force for economic growth.

To achieve the organizational mission through:

  • Sectoral Studies & establishing Baseline.
  • Benchmarking exercises for assessing competitiveness of value chain.
  • Sector Promotion & Export Policies, Tariffs etc.
  • Match making domestic and international – Linking with Global Supply Chains.
  • Inter connectivity of domestic engineering industries for import substitution.
  • Global marketing and branding.
  • Accreditations, Certifications, Skills Development.
  • Implementation of Engineering Standards.
  • Monitoring and audits.