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In pursuance to National Electricity Policy and National Electricity Plan, the Engineering Development Board (EDB) is on the course to formulate Power Sector Indigenization Plan (PSIP). In this regard a range of sectors and sub sectors and products have been identified as potential Electrical Power Equipment (EPE) for localization. These include a wide range of EPE imported by Power sector industry for its Generation, Distribution and Transmission sectors. These EPE are of capacity 11KV, 132KV, 220KV, 500KV and above High Voltage ratings for HVAC and HVDC systems. Formulation of PSIP would be joint effort of Ministry of Energy (Power division) (MOE (PD)), Ministry of Industries & Productions (MOIP), Engineering Development Board (EDB), Power sector industry / utilities and local EPE manufacturing industry.


To Discuses Development of PSIP ,Secretary, Ministry of Industries and Production (MOIP) convened meetings on  4th,16th and 18th May, 2023, and invited officials, Professionals and academia from different sectors i.e MOIP, MOE (PD), EDB, Power sector industry/utilities/Labs, and Public sector Universities.


The discussion started under the chairmanship of Mr. Momin Agha, Federal Secretary MOIP and participated by officials from MOIP, MOE (PD), (EDB), DISCOs , NTDC, Rawat Lab and academia from Public sector Universities i.e NUST , GIKI , UECT Lahore.


Federal Secretary (MOIP) briefly explained the importance of Power Sector Equipment localization and urged  EDB to develop a plan for formulation of PSIP elaborating the detail activities and timelines and include study areas such as Need analysis, Gap analysis, Transfer of technology (TOT) and product Certification. He further added that PSIP plan shall be completed in Phase wise activities through Joint efforts of MoE(PD), Power sector, MoIP, EDB , local industry , Labs and Public sector universities by constituting Central working groups. He urged that an inception paper shall be prepared by EDB having a detailed Action Plan with clear timelines of each activity and responsibility for development of PSIP and also to identify any short comings and resources requirements for development of PSIP.


Mr Raza Abas Shah, CEO-EDB explained that under the NE-Plan Fuel and Equipment to be localized, EDB role is to develop PSIP plan and explore modalities for local manufacturing of battery storage with the assistance of Designated Entity and relevant stake holders, a huge project and require resources. He further elaborated that localization of 500KV and above EPE is not required as their requirement is low, However we must enhance local industry capability to localize 11KV, 132KV, 220 KV capacity Electrical Power Equipments (EPE) as their annual requirement is high. Also, informed that EPE requirement (Capacity volume) received from MoE(PD), than PSIP plan will be chalked.

CEO- EDB   gave presentation on a detailed work Plan for formulation of PSIP with timelines and responsibilities sharing and explained that National Electricity Policy ( NEP-2021) approved policy, Where as NE-Plan(NE-Plan2023 -2027) is under the process of approval. The NE- Plan in its Priority area “indigenization of technology and fuel” mandated EDB to develop PSIP and its preparation will start with the approval of NE Plan.

He further suggested formulation of PSIP and exploration of Modalities for local manufacturing of batter storage technologies and their integration with the Power Sector is a new concept and require research and study. Also, said that presently EDB is short in resources and require additional resources to complete the above mentioned two tasks. He added three type of committees shall be formulated to accomplishes the task as  PSIP Scope cover different areas that is  Generation, Transmission, Distribution, testing Labs ,local industry , Tariff , ease of doing business and legislations etc. urged that instead of preparing Indigenization plan we should prepare a frame work Policy with the consultation and active interaction of local industry and Power sector.




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