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1st Auto Industry Development and Export Committee Meeting

1st Meeting of recently notified AIDEC was held on 8th March, 2022 under the chairmanship of CEO-EDB. The Committee was informed that Auto Industry Development and Export Policy (AIDEP) was approved by ECC of the Cabinet vide decision in Case No ECC-442/43/2021 dated 16-12-2021 which was ratified by the Cabinet on 21-12-2021 and conveyed to EDB vide MoIP’s letter dated December 27, 2021 and letter dated February 01, 2022.

It was informed that AIDEP 2021-26 is the successor to the Automotive Development Policy 2016-21. Accordingly, AIDEP 2021-26 encompasses localization, incentivizing small cars, implementation of safety regulations, promotion of new technologies including EVs, promotion of indigenous car, exports, and consumer welfare.

The participants appreciated the efforts of EDB for finalization of AIDEP. CEO EDB thanked all stakeholders, especially the then Chairman PAMA, Chairman PAAPAM, and office bearers of these associations for their time and efforts in finalization of the Policy.

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