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Tariff Development


To possibly cut down the cost of doing business, to encourage competition, supporting the local industry and creating enabling environment for export of engineering goods.

Working Mechanism

Maintaining EDB culture of interactive and communicative environment, the tariff group is undertaking comprehensive budget and trade policy exercises in consultation with the stakeholders i.e. both government and private sector.

Tariff Group Processes

  • Addressing the budget anomalies.
  • Regular updation of CGO for the locally manufactured goods and the related issues.
  • Identify opportunities out of crises situation and provide directions for Policy and Sector Development Groups.
  • Issuance of I.O.R certificates with reference to concessionary SRO’s and making the processes transparent, consistent and competitive.
  • Implementation of TBS in the auto sector and identifying and removing the bottlenecks for the industry.
  • Inspection of assembly/manufacturing facilities, in the auto sector wherever authorized under the SRO’s.
  • Conducting the indigenization committee meetings.
  • Coordinating various sectoral committees, as constituted by the BOM and I.C.
  • MoI&P related functions i.e. comments/views on tariff related issues.
  • Close liaison with CBR to facilitate industry on customs, sales tax and other tax related matters and proposing easy procedures and formalities.
  • Identifying the potential growth sectors on regular basis where tariffs are potential impediments to growth and exports.
  • Updating database on entire automotive manufacturing sector.