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March 2015


EDB Organized Engineering Pavilion in Expo 2015

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The Engineering Development Board (EDB) is the apex government body under Ministry of Industries & Production entrusted to strengthen engineering base in Pakistan. EDB focuses primarily on the development of engineering goods and services sector on modern lines enabling it to become technologically sound and globally integrated.




Strengthen the Engineering sector and integrate it with the world market to make it the driving force for economic growth.

To accomplish above mentioned mission, EDB has made an internal reorganization and also made an operation plan by creating four operational groups i.e. Tariff group, Policy development Group, Sector development Group and Business development Group with the objective to develop growth strategies for engineering sub-sectors and Integrate Pakistan's engineering sector with global markets as well as focus on tariff rationalization, indigenization, deletion monitoring and vendor development, Giving international exposure to industry, handholding of industry, creating comprehensive databank of industry and benchmarking & training. (Details of Functions of Each Group)




EDB Board Members

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Tariq Ejaz Chaudhary

Official Members

  • Ghulam Murtaza Khan Jatoi, Minister for Industries & Production, Chairman Board of Management

  • Secretary, Ministry of Industries & Production

  • Secretary, Ministry of Commerce

  • Secretary, Ministry of Finance

  • Chairman, Federal Board of Revenue

  • Chairman, Pakistan Engineering Council

  • Chief Executive Officer, State Engineering Corporation

 Private Members

  • Mr. Abdul Razzak Dawood, Chairman, Descon Engineering (Pvt) Ltd,

  • Mr. Ali A Agha, Executive Director & Vice President

  • Chairman, PAMA

  • Chairman, PAAPAM

  • Mr. Bilal Haider Agha, Technimen Agha (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mian Suhail Hussain, Managing Director Gresham’s Eastern (Pvt) Ltd

  • Mr. Khawar Rafiq, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Mr. Noman Wazir, Chairman, FF-Steel, Frontier Foundry (Pvt) Ltd

  • Engr. Muhammad Shahid, Pro-Rector (P&R), NUST

  • Representative , Higher Education Commission, Islamabad

  • Chaudhry Hamid Malhi, President, Basmati Growers Association

  • Mr. Maqsud Ismail, Managing Director, Ismail Industries



Detailed functions of the each group are as under:

Tariff Group

Objective: To possibly cut down the cost of doing business, to encourage the competition, supporting the local industry and creating enabling tariff environment for export of engineering goods.

Working Mechanism;

Through maintaining EDB culture of interactive and communicative environment, undertaking a comprehensive budget and trade policy exercise in consultation with the stakeholders i.e. both government and private sector.

 Tariff Group Processes;

  • Undertaking annual budget exercise through consultation with sectoral committees, government and stakeholders. Objective remains the tariff rationalization, providing cost efficient inputs to industry for competitive production and exports.

  • Addressing the budget anomalies.

  • Regular updation of CGO for the locally manufactured goods and the related issues.

  • To identify opportunities out of crises situation and provide directions for Policy and Sector Development Groups.

  • Issuance of I.O.R certificates with reference to concessionary SRO’s and making the processes transparent, consistent and competitive.

  • Implementation of TBS in the auto sector and identifying and removing the bottlenecks for the industry. Inspection of assembly/manufacturing facilities, in the auto sector wherever authorized under the SRO’s.

  • Conducting the indigenization committee meetings.

  • Coordinating various sectoral committee’s, as constituted by the BOM and I.C.

  • MOIP related functions i.e. comments/views on tariff related issues.

  • Close liaison with CBR to facilitate industry on customs, sales tax and other tax related matters and proposing easy procedures and formalities.

  • Identifying the potential growth sectors on regular basis where tariffs are potential impediments to growth and exports. 

  • Up dating database on entire automotive manufacturing sector.

Policy Development Group

Objective: To play a crucial role in designing and developing overall policy direction to the Engineering Sector through identifying core competencies, macro-economic environment, tariff and non tariff business conditions through close interaction in-house and with different government departments and stakeholders.

 Working Mechanism

 The major source of inputs includes that of Sector Development Group’s sectoral reports and tariff section proposals on various industrial sectors.

Sector development group to provide its up to date studies on various sectors.  

Policy Development Group Processes; 

  • An in-depth review and SWOT analysis of identified sectors.

  • Comprehensive analysis of identified sectors with focus on issues related to R & D, technology development, capacity enhancement, human resource, etc.

  • To identify potential for both domestic and Foreign Direct Investment(FDI).

  • Identification of un-competitive, rigid and out modeled policy areas for selected sectors.

  • Historical analysis, current and future policies of regional and competing countries on tariff and non-tariff issues.

  • To consult tariff section on tariff implications in various sectors to analyze the distortions, anomalies, bottlenecks in organic growth and to propose solutions.

  • Policy development group to recommend certain policy initiatives through interaction and continuous dialogue with industry. 

  • A review of the key financial parameters, of the government to base policy decisions on financial support that it is prepared to give to sectors.

  • Recommendations / proposals to the Government for policy initiatives and decisions regarding targeted sectors.

  • To identify the need of cluster approach and propose measures to move economy from factor driven to investment driven stage.

  • Regular evaluation of policy decisions, performance evaluation, targets and environment set by the government.

  • To market policy initiatives, developed through above processes, with departments involved directly or in directly on issues having implication on the industry.

  •  To communicate and up date Pakistan’s missions abroad on the policy decisions and inviting their attention where necessary.

  • To set / monitor sectoral targets and conduct policy impact analysis.

Sector Development Group

  •  Identify local manufacturing capabilities in each sector/ sub-sector.

  • Verify manufacturing capabilities/ facilities through field visits.

  •  Manufacturer’s profiling, indicating salient features of manufacturing facility, capability, technological level, certification, business & export plan and potential etc.

  •  Identify key players / star performers through industrial surveys, internet/magazines/journals research etc., based on well defined criteria e.g. achievement of $ exports during the year etc.

  • Identify sectoral needs for technological up-gradation for entering export markets.

  • Constitute sectoral committees comprising industry stakeholders and develop templates for sectoral strategy formulation by the respective committees.

  •  Benchmark & develop sectoral strategy under the guidance and supervision of the committees for improving competitiveness and set quantifiable targets.

  • Organize sector specific, interactive seminars and workshops in coordination with Business Development Group.

  • Infrastructure Development and Coordination.

  • Technological upgradation through Technical Development Fund.

  •  Effective Coordination with Regional Office Karachi and major engineering hubs initially at Faisalabad and Gujranwala for sectoral development. 

  • Comments/ views/ recommendations on sector/ sub-sector/ product development matters for consideration of the MOIP&SI.

  •  Facilitate vendors on training and testing facilities to improve product quality.

Business Development Group

  • Organizing Pakistan's participation at international Specialized Engineering Trade Fairs.

  • Organizing Trade Delegation to potential markets.

  • Organizing Local Sectoral  Exhibitions for sectors having potential.

  • Developing market expansion plan for engineering goods & services sector.

  • Disseminating information on export potential of local engineering companies (Export Directory)

  • Attending local exhibitions to identify potential engineering sectors/products. 

  • Organizing training courses for the export oriented industries.

  • Liasoning with Commercial Councillors for the promotion of business networking of local business with foreign engineering companies. 

  • Carrying out studies on countries having export potential for Pakistani products.

  • Developing Technical and Managerial Expertise in Engineering Sector through provision of Short Term Experts(Senior Volunteers) from International Agencies like CIM, PUM, SES etc.


Objectives of Quality, Standards and Certification Department of EDB

 Engineering Development Board has established Quality, Standards and Certification group. Its objectives are:

  • To help out engineering sectors in identification of applicable quality systems/standards.

  • To assist engineering industries to compete international markets by achieving product certification, certification mark , certification labeling with the specific focus on UL and CE Marking.  

  • To provide consultancy services for eliminating target Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) for global marketing.

  • To provide training on MSTQ to export oriented engineering sectors.

  •  To announce  International Training programmes on MSTQ with the collaboration of International agencies like PTB, Germany, KOICA , Korea, JICA, Japan, NIST, USA and  NMI, China, SWAD, Sweden and NORAD Norway  etc.

  •  For export oriented Engineering Products interact, collaborate and work with International Certification bodies, CE Marking /Certification Agencies and UL service providers.

  •  To work with PSQCA for standardization of products and or development of new standards of products of all engineering sectors and manage/ arrange meetings on engineering sub-sectors.

  •  To integrate Pakistan's engineering sector with global markets by addressing quality issues identified by Sector Development Group, Policy Development Group, Business Development Group and Tariff Group; for inspections/quality of facilities of engineering industries require approval for manufacturing.

  •  To arrange and announce training of quality professionals of engineering sectors from abroad.

  •  To provide  technical services to customs authorities and other engineering concerns of Govt. of Pakistan and private sectors  on specification analysis of sophisticated scientific and technical instruments/ engineering systems for bulk purchases or imports.

  •  Publication of quality documentations of related engineering sub-sectors.

  •  Prepare curriculum for Industrial Metrology with the collaboration of UGC/HEC and engineering and technology   colleges, universities and institutes.  


In order to achieve mission as well as goals, EDB has emphasized to:

Improve Production Technologies

  • Improved production technologies by tracking latest global technological trends and disseminate it to engineering industry after doing the Gap Analysis of Industries and carrying out analysis to ascertain weaknesses of indigenous industry and their technological needs and adopt best practices, environmental and quality standards etc.

International Exposure

  • Sector wise exposure to relevant trade fairs is being studied. EDB has stressed need to give International Exposure to local engineering industry through participation in local and international exhibitions, e.g. Hannover Fair proved high water mark for local engineering industry.

Export Focus

  • EDB is focusing on formulating export oriented strategies in different sub-sectors with the objective to discuss unconventional goods for export to unconventional market.

International Benchmarking

International benchmarking in different engineering sub-sectors for productivity enhancement and technological needs.

Market Studies

Carrying out international market analysis in various engineering sub-sectors covering world demand, trade data analysis, tariffs, Price/brand/competition information etc.



EDB Organized Engineering Pavilion in Expo Pakistan 2015. Minister of Industries and Production met Chinese delegation.

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