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5th CEO Committee Meeting

The 5th meeting of CEO’s Committee was held on 14th December, 2022 at Committee Room, MoIP, Islamabad. The Federal Minister for Industries & Production, Syed Murtaza Mahmud chaired the Meeting. Mr. Tasneem Qureshi SAPM, Ms. Shahida Rehmani Parliamentary Secretary, MoIP, Mr. Imdadullah Bosal, Secretary- MoIP, Mr. Yousaf Hassan Bajwa, Chairman SIMAP attended as well as Chairman – EDB, and CEO SMEDA who joined the meeting through zoom.


A briefing was deliver by CEO NPO on the progress made on their Productivity Assessment Program (PAP) for the Surgical sector as they have completed studies in nine factories for which funding was provided by Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC). The organization is further carrying out Capacity Building, Shop Floor Training and Implementation of Productivity Tools in the same. To solve the issue of notifying designed advanced CNC courses for surgical industry a meeting was held with DG-NAVTTC. NAVTTC informed that a course of “CNC Machinist Level -3” was developed and notified which is publicly available on NAVTTC website from where all the industries and stakeholders in surgical sector can get the desired advantage. Secretary I&P advised that Master Trainers can be trained to carry out capacity building of other industries on the subject  as well.   Federal Minister for MoIP viewed that there is a need to resolve main issues of surgical industry and presently Branding is one of them. He proposed to establish one registered company which can export on behalf of the surgical sector. SIMAP informed that compliance to the EU market entry regulations is a difficult task for the industry similarly there are a series of products, and the industry can’t afford $2000 for registration of each.


Chairman – EDB informed that India & China are exporting through compliant companies, it can be done in Pakistan also, if there is a will. Cost can be shared through different funds. NPO can be tasked to structure such company and NPO can arrange a foreign consultant to help branding in this sector.CEO – EDB was of the view that SIMAP will have to form this a company in the private sector as such arrangements in the public sector are difficult to manage. Secretary I & P also endorsed his views and advised SIMAP to work out a proposal in this direction.


Chairman – SIMAP gave a brief over view and informed that only one notifying body i-e SGS is operating in Pakistan to offer certification services however Govt has been requested to invite some other certification bodies for to start operations in Pakistan. A request for exemption of 17%GST was submitted to Minister, I&P who informed that GST could not be exempted due to present condition. It is also requested by SIMAP for establishing of a material bank whereas PC-I for SIMAP-CFC centre was approved by EDF but no funds were released. Chairman – EDB informed that establishment of CFC falls within the domain of TUSDEC.


A presentation on reverse engineering was given by GM (SDG) EDB, Mr. K.B.Ali who informed that  a number of products / sectors were identified jointly by EDB, TUSDEC, KTDMC and PITAC for localization through reverse engineering. A number of meetings have been held with the stakeholders and the issues causing hindrances in localization through reverse engineering have been identified pertaining to manufacturers, funding and taxation.


CEO – EDB viewed that there is a need to define a roadmap for this exercise and the main organizations having the requisite facilities i.e. TUSDEC, KTDMC & PITAC to play an active role while EDB to coordinate and steer this activity.

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