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Deliberations on Automotive Industry Development and Export Plan (2021-26)

As Automotive Development Policy is reaching its end, new Automotive Industry Development and Export Plan is being prepared by EDB. The new policy will envisage a mechanism to reduce smuggling, misdeclaration, under invoicing of various parts and components, which are hurting local part manufacturers in particular and vehicle manufacturing in general. As competition has been created in the local market, the focus of the upcoming policy will be on Customer Satisfaction in addition to sustainability, quality improvement, fair competition, reduction in delivery lead times and export enhancement.

In this regard series of meetings were held from January 25-27, 2021 with tractor industry, Pakistan Automotive and Manufacturers Association, Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers, Motorcycle Industry, Pakistan Automobile and Spare Parts Importers and Dealers Association and other relevant stakeholders.

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